To Everyone who comes to this forum to complain about Boost


To Everyone who comes to this forum to complain about Boost

Unfortunately, I read lots of complaints about Boost plans, network coverage/speed, and things of the like on this forum. I would like everyone who has issues like these to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture of everything going on here.


I have compared plans with all of the major MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) prepaid plans. None of them compare to what Boost is offering. No other carrier, MVNO or not, is offering an "Unlimited" plan comparable to Boost. Presently, if you are on the Unlimited Gigs/Unlimited Plus plans, you are receiving Mobile Hotspot access at 8GB or 20GB a month respectively. No other prepaid carrier comes near this, if at all. In fact, many MVNO's do not allow tethering at all.  This alone I am grateful for and is one of the major reasons why I stay with Boost. Secondly, you are receiving a monthly data allotment of at least 23 GB before data deprioritization can occur. I am a heavy data user, averaging about 1 GB a day between Facebook, music streaming, YouTube, ect. Although I concede that data speeds are, on average, slower than other carriers, the speeds I do get are adequate for every application I use my phone for. If another carrier is only going to give me 5 GB of LTE data, then throttle to 2G speeds, why would I care about a 30MB/s connection speed only to consume my data quicker, to still be left stuck in the end? In other words, the faster a network's speed the faster you consume your pre-throttle limit, and in the end leave you more frustrated. Remember, most MVNO's have a pre-throttle/deprioritization limit at 23GBs or less, and as I mentioned earlier, do not have provisions for Hotspot/throttling.

Boost is a great value and, in my opinion, the best choice out there for heavy data users. Again, although the overall throughput speeds are not as fast as others, the speeds are not debilitating. I am not (nor ever were) an employee of Sprint, Boost Mobile, or any other subsidiary. I have no other motivation for expressing my opinion other then my genuine satisfaction with Sprint/Boost Mobile services.

Thank you, Boost Mobile, for the value of the plans and services that you currently offer. You are still the best choice in prepaid wireless.


Apologies for reposting a few times, I am new to the community

Hey there, Aidan118!  The hotspot service is capped at a certain amount of data. It does not throttle. Is not like your regular data that allows you to still use your data after the allowed amount per month. We apologize. 


To my understanding, if you max out the data on hotspot, then you won't be able to use the hotspot at all until the beginning of the next billing cycle. As for data on your device, if you exceed the 35GB you "may" be deprioritized for the remainder of the cycle. In my personal experience, even after hitting the threshold, I have not seen any reduction in my data speeds, however it could just be that the network has never been congested enough at my location to trigger any slower data.

Don't know if the rules have anything but this but i just HAD to reply after seeing this. Even though other carriers might be more expensive, might not give you a hotspot that increases the cost on their end by a few cents that you can get around anyways, and maybe even have bad customer service compared to Boost it's not like it matters. I can't even get anything over 3 bars IN big cities usually and have only seen the mythical 5 bar connection on very rare occasion. I actually get 1 and maybe if i'm lucky 2 bars despite not living in the country. "Woah look at this 30GB hotspot they give that will take you anywhere between 28 and 273 hours to max out (depending on the site since Boost massively throttles YouTube and sites similar). It's so nice being able to watch 240p YouTube videos. Actually it's even better when I don't stand next to my Window to load Twitter because it ONLY takes 9 minutes!"

Bruh, i appreciate your view - I too loved Boost Mobile, but now that Dish has bought it. No longer, they've throttled the data too much after the cap is reached.. I was easily exceeding 100 gigs per month, sometimes approaching 200 gigs. There's no way i can tolerate this recent change, It's a deal breaker! Between youtube, twitch and several other video services all i do is watch videos and live streaming all day - every day. Now I'm forced to find another service. Too bad, it's sad because i really did love the old Boost. If any Boost reps read this: please, change it back! And quickly too, I'll be leaving by sept. 1st if it's not changed.

Ummmm, you must work for Boost or Dish because there are prepaid plans better than Boost. For example Visible is $40 with actual unlimited internet and unlimited hotspot

Yeah but they want you to give up your present phone for one of theres and I my self have a phone that is less then 2 years old and it s a samsung I was wanting to port my phone and number but there network is not compatible with my phone

It used to be great not anymore. I never had any issues before but now nothing loads. I paid for unlimited plus so I expected some sort of service...nope. You’ll see once your service starts acting up that it’s horrible now.

A happy customer will tell ten people. An angry customer will tell a thousand. That anger in a lot of cases is the customers issue, not the company's,


I'm in sales and will stand behind that statement above. As I'm in sales I also I depend on my phone. I drive and cover about a thousand miles of N.C. every week and get out into some really rural areas. I'm on Google maps, email, websites, etc. My service is great most places I've traveled. Actually, some places that were dead just a year ago have good service now. I'm happy.


I'm in central North Carolina. My Boost service is awesome. My wife is on Verizon. Our service is about equal. She pays a lot more for a lot less data and no hotspot allotment.


I've never hit a wall but I've never used even close to 35GB of mobile data in a month even combined with my hotspot allotment. Then again I don't use my phone as an entertainment device and primary internet connection. To me, that's what wi-fi is for. It's a phone. It's a communication device. When I'm at home the phone is on wi-fi. It's faster and saves my mobile data.


If you're having problems with slow data you might want to take a hard look at your phone. How old is it? What brand and model? How weak a signal your phone can detect controls your overall data and call quality. I just went from an LG G6 to a Samsung S10. LG was great I just wanted something compatible with the new "expanded network". The S10 does seem to have a bit better reception than the G6 did.


Lastly, something I've found researching mobile phone service providers over many years,. they're ALL awesome, and they ALL suck. So, you read what you find and make your choice. In twenty years I've been on them all, (Alltel)Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. Boost works for me and works well.

Actually virgin mobile had better coverage, speed, and pricing on their plans. I was paying 60 at vm for unlimited everything with unlimited hotspot and no data speed caps. When boost took them over I still pay 60, no hotspot, and only 35gb of unlimited data and then they drop you to worse than dial up speeds. My bars have never gone up more than 1 and I randomly go from lte to 3g, this never happened on virgin. nothing has changed other than boost taking over a network that was working fine and now it isn’t.