TIDAL Sign up Tips and Tricks

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TIDAL Sign up Tips and Tricks

Interested in getting six months free* streaming music from TIDAL?  We have some tips and tricks to help you get started.  It's important to check each of these and follow the instructions in order to take full advantage of the offer.


  • Make sure your device has the most current software updates.
  • IOS users MUST be on the Boost (Sprint) network, not WIFI, to sign up.
  • Before you get started, make sure you have your account set up to accept third party billing.  Follow instructions on our article here
  • Sign up for TIDAL through your My Boost account  Login > I Want to: Manage My Plan and Add Ons > Select NOW and GO > Under "Other" select "TIDAL 6 month trial" > Add to Cart > Submit for Review
  • This process adds the TIDAL offer to your account.  In a few minutes, you should receive a text message with a link to download the TIDAL application page


Q.  Is TIDAL included in my Unlimited Streaming Music?

A.  Yes, TIDAL is included in Boost's Unlimited Streaming Music, however, watching TIDAL Videos will count against your data allowance.


Q.  I downloaded the application before I signed up through my Boost account, now it's asking me to pick a subscription option.  What should I do?

A.  Uninstall the application, check to be sure your device has all the required software updates, restart your device and reinstall from the link in the text message.


Q.  I never got a text with a link.  What shoud I do?

A.  Post here and an agent will assist you


Q.  I brought an unlocked device to Boost from another carrier.  Will I be able to get this offer?

A.  Some unlocked (BYOD) devices aren't compatible with the offer.  We are working on a way to change that.  Stay tuned for details.


Q.  Can I get this offer if I'm on a daily plan?

A.  Unfortunately no, this offer is open only to customers on monthly plans.


Q.  I'm an iPhone user.  When I click on the link in my text message, TIDAL asks me to sign in.  I thought signup was automatic.  What am I doing wrong?

A.  iOS users must be on the Boost (Sprint) network in order to complete registration.  If you're on WiFi, try closing the TIDAL app, sign out of WiFI, then reopen the TIDAL app to complete sign up.  If you're in an area with poor data coverage, try moving to an area with better coverage and then reopen the app.  You should be automatically logged in.


Q.  I am an iPhone user.  I followed all the instructions but I'm only offered the 30 day free trial, not the 6 month.  How do I get the 6 month trial?

A.  Remove the TIDAL application and the Add On from your My Boost account, save and exit.   Log back in to My Boost and go through the Add On process again.  You should receive a text with a link.  Follow the link, enter your phone number and select "Start My Trial".  If you receive the 30 day trial offer again, please contact an agent by posting here.


Q.  Why do I keep getting an athorization error when I try to download music to listen in Offline Mode?  

A. With this type of error, often the app needs to be reset.

  1.  Logout of the TIDAL app ( Select My Music, bottom right> select cogwheel, upper right> scroll to bottom & click on "logged in as (username) to logout.
  2. Reboot device
  3. Log back in


Feel free to ask questions in this thread or ask for help.  I'll add new questions so we can create our own FAQ as we go or head over and check out our TIDAL FAQ on our Support page as well. 

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I did everything you said to do in the tips and tricks but no did not receive a new link through text message

I also followed directions to get Tidal, did not receive text message. Would like to sign up. Thanks!


I just went to the Play Store, downloaded, Tidal. After opening Tidal a page appeared about the 6 month trial for Tmobile, Sprint, Verizon and Boost. Clicked on it and now I have, Tidal. Is it included in the free streaming?

It's finally working. I changed my settings to accept 3rd Party billing. Deleted the app and then reinstalled it and it working.

It says that I'm not compatible with the 6 month Tidal free trial. What could be the reason for that? Could you list all the possible reasons?

Hey @Kromosz. Here is a list regarding the eligibility for the Tidal offer:



  • New and existing customers
  • Employees, as long as you are a Boost customer
  • Existing TIDAL subscribers not eligible
  • Customer must be "opted in" to Bill to Account to allow for carrier billing of premium services
  • Customer must accept offer during promotional period
  • Customer must be on a monthly plan
  • Account must be in current and in good standing
  • Devices:
    • All Android 4.0+or iOS 8.0+ phones
    • BYOD (bring your own device) phones not eligible; this includes Nexus and Pixie
    • Not eligible: Feature phones, Tablets/iPads, and Mobile Broadband (MBB)

I didn't recieve the text message


I would also like to know if Tidal is included in Unlimited Music Streaming?


Followed the tips and tricks but still have not received the text with the application link.