New phone on legacy "Nationwide Network" plan


New phone on legacy "Nationwide Network" plan

My wife and I are on a legacy Boost Family Plan. This has been great for us, we want to keep this plan. However, my wife needs a new phone to replace her aging Stylo 3. 

We've looked at what Boost is offering, but I'm seeing conflicting information about our options.

Fewer phones come up when we filter by "Nationwide Network". Are we limited to those phones if we want to remain on the same plan? Or can we buy an "Expanded Network" phone, and change the SIM card to use the Sprint network? If so, how do we get the replacement SIM card, and how much does it cost?

I'm assuming that we can't activate on the "Expanded Network" without changing plans, and that would increase our monthly costs. So we'd like to avoid that.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


Hi rkershenbaum. We are here to help! We would like to answer your questions:


1- Depending on your monthly plan, you will be limited to use phones compatible with the nationwide network or not (but we would need to know what plan exactly you currently have).

2- If you purchase an expanded network phone, it will come with the SIM card already inserted or on the box.

3- If for any reason you would need to purchase a replacement SIM card (like the phone is compatible with both networks), the cost will be $9.99.

4- We would need to look at your account and plan to confirm if you can keep the plan or that if you will need to change plans if you activate on the expanded network. 


If you want us to look into your account and provide you with more accurate information, please send us a private message. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".