More grace period headache


More grace period headache

So the grace period program REALLY doesnt work when your enrolled in auto boost. I seem to get almost weekly messages saying my bill will be due soon, and my account is charged anywhere from nine days early to almost two weeks later than my due date. The bill finally suprised me when I didn't have enough funds in my bank account and immediatly shut down my phone without even so much as a text to say it was happening.

So not only doesnt the grace period work as a grace period, its constantly screwing with when my phone bill is actually due....

I did the typical search and found out I cant even opt out of the program without a call to customer service. What the hell guys? You can opt in with a text but can't get out of it?

I just spent 45 minutes trying to reach a person on 611 and of course I lost my hand writted 45 step process to jump through all the required hoops to talk to a person. Am i really stuck with the only option of switching to a different carrier or dealing with an automated call center for hours on end until I find the right combination of options to finally talk to a person..?

What the hell boost, I've been with you guys for **bleep** close to 15 years but this has me thinking about turning auto boost off and walking away...

Re: More grace period headache

Sorry to read that you’ve been experiencing this issue. Please, send us a private message with your phone number and PIN code to assist you removing the grace period from your account.