Hard data caps on unlimited plans


Hard data caps on unlimited plans

I'm not the first on here to mention the new data caps on the unlimited plans BUT...did Boost give any advance warning that once you hit your threshold, they're reducing speeds to 2G through the end of the billing cycle? Or was the 85% threshold text the warning? To my knowledge, they didn't say anything.

In congested, densely populated areas, I get it and it makes sense. However, I live in a rural area and there are absolutely no other means of high speed internet access beside unlimited data and hot spots, so it's not like I can just hook up my phone to the WiFi. I don't subscribe to any video streaming services and when I do watch longer videos, it's 5-6x per week and usually no more than 5 minutes. That might leisure, but I also need reliable data to do my job! However, despite the fact that I have been on the Unlimited Data plan for years, it's almost insulting that I feel like I have justify how I use my plan so that Boost realizes how ridiculous this new change is.


Before the hard data cap, I understood when they had to temporarily throttle my speeds after I hit the 35GB threshold but this reduced 2G through the end of the cycle makes no sense for someone who lives where this is no other high speed internet option. In addition, the fact that there was no warning in plain text and big bold letters (I'm not talking fine print) that were doing this flat out unprofessional.

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