Data Grow Plan not Growing


Data Grow Plan not Growing

I have 2 lines with the Data Grow Plan. 1 line is working fine and has something like 5 or 6gbs, while the 2nd line is still on 2gbs. How can I get this issue resovled?

Hi there! I'd like to check on that. Please send me a Private Message with the phone number and PIN.


Same problem here. I have to contact them every freaking 3 months. And they always say they can't upgrade immediately. So I have to wait almost another month to get data upgrade. So it is basically one upgrade every 4 months. After another 3 month? Same things happen again and again.

As you guys know already, It is so hard to talk a real person on the phone with their customer service.

I don't think they wants to fix the problem. Maybe doing this intentionally. I can consider as a mistake or system error for only first or second times.  Every single time to this many people?  It is gotta be their intention. 

And they fix the problem temporarily for only people who gets mad enough to call them.

Terrible business mind indeed.  The only reason why I'm still with this terrible company is because I had fought every 3 months so hard to get to 4G from 2G, not because I'm happy with their service even little bit.


Hello @1Vee1. We apologize for the trouble! Would you please send us a private message with your phone number and pin? 


Note: For you to send a me a Private Message only need to click on my username, which will take to my profile, once you're there on the right side of the screen you will see the option to send me a Message.



~ Joy P.