Brightstar Phone insurance (thorugh Boost)


Brightstar Phone insurance (thorugh Boost)

First, I would like to say the representatives at Boost mobile have tried, I believe to their best ability, to assist me with this issue, however, my problem remains unsolved.  The problem is with the Brightstar company that provides Boost Mobile's phone isurance.  I filed a claim this morning with the inusrance company for my damaged phone.  When I signed up, their serviced showed a $0.00 deductible.  As I finished the claim today, it said my deductible was $50.00, which I went ahead and paid.  I later called the company to find out how long it would take, and if using a temporary phone would cause issues with the claim on the account.  The insurance company informed me that the replacement phone had already been sent out.  The email I rececived did state it was shipped but had the device listed as the Htc one a9, as that was the phone that the insurance was purchased for.  However, the agent on the phone stated the htc phone was not available and she would recieve a Samsung J7 phablet.


I DID NOT purchase a phablet for  my daughter, as they are too large and to heavy for her to handle.  If she wanted a phablet, I would have bought her one.  The Htc one a9  is more comparable to a galaxy 6 or an iphone 6 in quality (and likeness) The HTC a9 has 32 gigs rom /3 gigs ram, which the rom can be upgraded up to 2 terabytes storage, which is what she needs to store her schoolwork.  The j7 has half that, in  can only be upgraded to 128g storage and it has half the screen resolution.  The j7 also does not .support VR games, nfc, dnla and other wifi bandwiths like the HTC does.  The camera and flash on the htc is better.  Most important, the HTC has gorilla glass 4, that is scratch resistant and that is why I purchased that for my teeanger.  It was the only scratch proof phone that had enough storage for her that I could use with Boost Mobile.


I explained this to the insurance company, and I was told Boost mobile decided what a "like" phone was to replace the Htc with.  I phoned Boost mobile, and the genteman tried to assist me, notng  my account, and told me I should recieve the same phone and he would transfer me back to the insurance company.  The insurance company said that there were no notes from Boost Mobile,  and they would never be able to see notes from Boost Mobile.  He also stated that the already ordered the phone for the claim, and they could not change it after it was ordered so I was out of luck.   I called Boost back again.  The Boost emplyee again insisted they should send me the same phone, said he would note the account again, then put me on hold to find options to help me further with the issue.  He returned to say he had talked to "them", and they would know what Boost had said, and to be rest assured I would be taken care of and they would send me a proper phone.  He also provided me with the s/n to give to the company so they would be sure to get me an equivalent phone.  I again called the insurance copany who repeated the same story, and I was informed Boost Mobile does not control what phone I get ( even though prior they said Boost controls what phone is autorized for a replacement), and they could send what whatver they wanted and I could take the phablet they sent or go buy a new one from the store with my own money.  After hours on the phone, I was told I am stuck with a product I did not insure, (a phablet) that is has much less quality that the insured phone, and I had to pay for all this!  They said there was nothing Boost Mobile nor I could do about it. 


I would not have an issue with the phone being a different brand or model if it was equivalent or close to the phone I insured, but neither is such the case.  The replacement product is half as good as the insured product, and it not even in the same class as the cell phone I insured as it is a heavy, too large, low pixel phablet.  In exchange, they are going to make me give them a phone that is $499.00, (on sale for valentines day at for $299.00), my $50.00 plus $7 and month for a phablet I could buy right from boost mobile brand new for $179.00 right now!


I appreciate the support Boost employees gave me. They gave it their all.  Your company should considered getting a more reputable insurance company that is interested in helping your customers as much as you, instead one that provies uncaring customer service, and provides your customers with bait and switch insurace tactics.


I want to remain with Boost, as I have been happy with your company for years now, but the idea of buying nice phones is off the shelf now if I stay with Boost because I cannot use the insurance company on a decent phone and expect to get any close to what I am paying for.


I commend all the Boost employees today that assisted me,.  They atleat allowed me to keep my faith in the company.  It is too bad Brightstar is a sore in the back of Boost.




Good thing that you share this experience so that Boost can address this issue in a timely manner.

Sadley, Boost has done nothing more to help.  My daughter has no phone, and I am paying for insurance and phone service she cannot use.

Omgoodness!! I am smack dab in the middle of the EXACT SAME issue...i filed my claim on jan. 24 and am STILL trying to get a satisfactory resolution 3 weeks later!! I had purchased and insured a HTC One a9 and dropped it much for thr "gorilla glass" , it shattered and never came on i filed a claim with brightstar and have spent the last 3 weeks on hold, answering emails, telling my story endlessly in customer service HE'LL, while they pass me back and forth to Boost and back...i also do not care if its a samsung or a htc but i bought the htc for the 32gigs of storage with upgrade ability...yet today i am calling them and paying my $50 deductible to get half as good a phone cuz i just CAN'T anymore...i have been a good and loyal customer with boost for years, but after this experience, i am SERIOUSLY considering taking my money so surprised to read your post and to find mine was not an isolated case...come on BOOST MOBILE, GET IT TOGETHER!! Your so called insurance associates are losing you GOOD CUSTOMERS and that is a **bleep** shame!! I am settling for a completely different, cheaper phone witj 16 gigs of storage instead of a quality phone with twice the storage simply because i refuse to spend ONE MORE MINUTE of my life stating my point to DEAF EARS...Most likely i will get the samsung cheap version, sell it and put my money towards once again purchasing the phone that i had then selecting a new carrier because even though BOOST employees were ALWAYS helpful, reading the previous post just proves to me that PASSING THE BUCK and placating me, was what they were trained to do instead of finding a solution to the issue!! Im sorry, but i will be repeating my experience with BOTH COMPANIES to everyone who will listen, where as i used to sing your praises BOOST MOBILE , i will be warning my friends and family to steer clear of this situation altogether...sincerely, Kelley Haskell, a previous BOOST customer for 3 years...

I'm glad that you shared your experience. It also reminded me to make sure I file the claim before I swap out for a temporary phone to use in the meantime. I had a problem with this service as well when my daughter's Iphone broke. I made a claim, was unable to pay the deductible at the time because I wasn't aware it'd be that much. I told them I would wait until I had the funds. When I had them it was a month or two I believe that had lapsed. They told me that I could not get the replacement phone because it had been more than so many days. I told them no one ever told me that when I called and if they had then I would have tried to make sure it was done within that timeframe. Still they did not care and would not replace it. If they knew I was unable to get the phone at that time and had to wait you would think they would have told me don't go past a particular date or we wouldn't be able to use the insurance. Actually, I believe it wasn't past the date as I hadn't quite remembered when I had first called and they told me they had no record of my initial call and in fact a claim was never even started. Go figure. Yes, I hate this insurance company. I've been with boost for many years and have never had a problem with their insurance company until they got this one. Now my Galaxy 6 needs to be replaced. Wish me luck with it!


I have received excellent service from Brightstar in replacing my busted phone. I completely shattered my phones screen beyond use. They sent me a refurbished within 2 days during 4th of July holiday even! That phone didnt work as well. I gave them a call about 6pm. The very next afternoon i recieved a brand new in box phone. The customer service reps. were helpful and polite. And seemed knowledgeable. I almost did not get insurance since id had a bad experience when was with Tmobile. I cant say thank you enough.

I was thinking all along reading your story that boost was not going to make you whole. I have been in similar situations and won't be with this company much longer. I feel for you and am glad you posted it publicly. Please do it on all social media.

@BlondePokusa Hey there! Are you having any issues with the service? Please, let us know, so we can assist you.


~ Joy P.

~ Joy P.

I've had no trouble at all with Brightstar. But as for Boost.. Service has been mostly positive. Except late night, which is when I use data services most. It gets very slow and always a struggle to get thru anything. Even just loading emails.

This company took money from me because my claim was filed wrong. I have asked them how i can refile my claim to get my money back and so far there have been 5 escalations with no refund. The way they're system works makes almost impossible to get anything done. I asked to speak with their corporate office and that apparently is not an option. I warn anyone using this service. think of a different company. Boost your insurance company are a bunch of crooks!