Bad service

Bad service

So i had straight talk, and the service wasnt the best where i live, but it was decent. (2 out of 4 bars 4G service)  More then usable. 


Switched to boost mobile, and now my service is horrible. When im here at my house it says i have Boost 3g, and 3 out of 4 bars service, Yet NOTHING will load, not even a weather app.

Phone calls are terrible also, the second someone calls i run outside of my house, and still, person on the other end cant hear me, just breaks up and mumbled. 


Such a shame, i work down in pittsburgh, and the phone and server is fine, in 4G LTE service.

Im going to have to switch to another service as this isnt going to work for me.

I was hoping posting here could maybe, some how, in some weird way fix this problem for me but i dont see what could be done. If the service here at my house sucks, it sucks. On the coverage map it says i should be fine with 4g lte easily .....


What im worried about is, I got a preowned iphone 7 plus from boost for 50$. Will i be able to take this phone with me back to straight talk or another provider? what happens to the phone as this is the only one i have now...


Re: Bad service

The phone must meet the requirements in order to be unlocked. Can you please provide us with the closest cross streets and zip code to your current location?

Re: Bad service

send u a private message with my location