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 Set Up, Access or Change Voicemail Options From your smartphone dialer app or your feature phone home screen, press and hold the   1   key for 2-3 seconds. If this is the first time accessing the voicemail, you will be directed to set up your voicemail.  Follow the voice prompts to choose the following options: Password (4-10 digits) Name Greeting Security settings Once your voicemail is set up, new messages will be played automatically.  Note:   If the voicemail was set up previously, the system will ask you to enter your current password.   To change options in your voicemail system after the initial setup, press and hold the 1 key on your feature phone home screen or smartphone dialer app for 2-3 seconds. If prompted, enter the voicemail password you chose to access new messages. If you did not choose a password,  messages will begin playing automatically.  After listening to a voicemail message, select the what you would like to do with the message Press   4   to replay the message Press   7   to delete the message Press   9   to save the message After listening to new messages, the following menu options are available: Press   2   to send a message Press   3   to change personal options such as your mailbox name or your outgoing message greeting Press   8   to place a call Press   #   to exit the voicemail system.  When finished, press the   END   key to hang up. Voicemail is now set up.   
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