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Question  Why is my phone freezing, rebooting, draining my battery, and/or slow?   Answer   Introduction One common root cause of concerns such as freezing, random restarts, battery drain, sluggish or random actions, unexpected errors, or other unexpected behaviors are 3 rd party apps.   Safe mode prevents 3 rd party apps from initializing, allowing devices to be tested without 3 rd party interference.   Step 1 – Unmount the Memory Card   Similar to 3 rd party apps, corrupt, damaged, or performance-impacting memory cards can cause freezing, random actions, etc. The first step in the Safe Mode Experience is to unmount the memory card and retest the device.   Remember: Samsung strongly recommends the customer use a class 10 or newer memory card for best results.   Step 2 – Retest in Safe Mode   Once the memory card has been eliminated as the root cause, using safe mode will help eliminate a 3 rd party app as the root cause. If the concern doesn’t persist in safe mode, the root cause is a 3 rd party app.   Tip: Safe mode doesn’t pinpoint which 3 rd party app is responsible. Test by removing any recently added or updated applications and retest.   Step 3– Reset All Settings   Once the memory card and 3 rd party apps have been eliminated as the root cause, reset all settings will be beneficial for testing prior to a factory data reset.   Tip: Resetting all settings and/or resetting network settings may delete saved Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairings, etc.
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