Display Troubleshooting



One important occurrence we can troubleshoot is related to Display/Touchscreen Troubleshooting.  By remembering a few important tips, we can be more successful in helping address the root cause associated with these interactions.


Forced Reboots

Although the unibody design means batteries are not removable, we can still perform a forced reboot, sometimes calls a simulated battery pull (see Step 1 on the right).  If the device is frozen, sluggish, or if the device has a black display and appears not to respond to a charger, we can perform a forced reboot.


Remember: Select carrier devices will boot the "Maintenance Boot Menu", the device can be restarted from this menu.


Cached App Data

Cached data is temporary data that is stored automatically to speed up tasks that are frequently repeated on the device.  If this data becomes unstable, the device may be sluggish or non-responsive.  Clearing this data is an important troubleshooting step (See Step 2 on the right).


Remember: Clearing cached data does not delete saved data and should not negatively impact your experience.



Before exchanging a device, accessories should be removed and the device retested.  Incompatible or unauthorized accessories may cause a negative customer experience.


Tip: Samsung strongly recommends customers use a Class 10 or newer memory card in their device for best results.  The Class is identifiable on the card itself.






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