Why is my phone freezing, rebooting, draining my battery, and/or slow?





One common root cause of concerns such as freezing, random restarts, battery drain, sluggish or random actions, unexpected errors, or other unexpected behaviors are 3rd party apps.


Safe mode prevents 3rd party apps from initializing, allowing devices to be tested without 3rd party interference.


Step 1 – Unmount the Memory Card


Similar to 3rd party apps, corrupt, damaged, or performance-impacting memory cards can cause freezing, random actions, etc. The first step in the Safe Mode Experience is to unmount the memory card and retest the device.


Remember: Samsung strongly recommends the customer use a class 10 or newer memory card for best results.


Step 2 – Retest in Safe Mode


Once the memory card has been eliminated as the root cause, using safe mode will help eliminate a 3rd party app as the root cause. If the concern doesn’t persist in safe mode, the root cause is a 3rd party app.


Tip: Safe mode doesn’t pinpoint which 3rd party app is responsible. Test by removing any recently added or updated applications and retest.


Step 3– Reset All Settings


Once the memory card and 3rd party apps have been eliminated as the root cause, reset all settings will be beneficial for testing prior to a factory data reset.


Tip: Resetting all settings and/or resetting network settings may delete saved Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairings, etc.

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