damaged screen on cell phone


damaged screen on cell phone

                                                   TAKE THE TIME FOR THIS ONE. MAY ENTERTAIN YOU                                                                                                                I recently paid my monthly bill. I then dropped my cell and cracked glass good ./ Went into store to add a old cell I had and pull Boost sims out of my damaged cell & put it into my old used cell./. Boost store told me the cell had to be a Boost cell/.I had the money to buy new sims & replace the old one(original cell) Now I borrowed q Boost cell phone from a friend/ I asked to put my Boost sim from the cracked screen to other cell./ They said no. Had to have sims for the Boost cell phone I borrowed./ All this time, a few days, I drop my cell phone. Now I can't see nothing but a small part of the corner on my cell//I cant log into my cell. Just turn it on or off./ the Boost i'm borrowing now I can only Messenger someone, & if their not using messenger, I can't communicate?// I'm ass out!! My bill is paid  for another 15days./ I can use my cell phone i'm paying on, because the screen is cracked badd/ I'm dis-abled, walked to Boost store or find ride to store. / I care for my 81 year old father. NO CELL PHONE SERVICE/ But i'm still paying for the service. And stuck w/ cell phone that I can only communicate messenger to messenger.   SINCERLY, TOMMYZ1


Oh no! Sorry to hear that, tommyz. Unfortunately, the SIM cards on our devices are not interchangeable, except for certain rare cases. In order to use a device, you must have the SIM card that was included with it (unless it is one of the compatible unlocked phones, in which case you would have to purchase a compatible SIM card). We can help you with the activation if it was not completed at the store. Feel free to send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.