acct balance problem


acct balance problem

greetings! how are you? i hope yer doing well. Robot Happy    i have a BIG problem i pray someone can help me solve. i'm trying REAL hard to save money now to visit my fiancee in the Philippines. i'm on a fixed income,  govt disability check. it's not much.  i'm dropping my charter spectrum internet on the 1st to save the monthly $60 i'm charged. i downgraded my plan with Boost to the $35 high speed, plus 1 gb extra high speed. i'm paying $10 a month for the new phone i bought form you all. so....i'll owe $45.50 this month due to an acct balance i had. but this next payment i'll have to buy a $50 card cos i don't have a debit card to pay the 50 cents. the 50 cents is preventing me from making a cent-free payment you see? in May i can buy a $50 card but once again a $4.50 balance will be stuck there forever....unless boost can offer me a refund check for it. i don't need the balance for the phone payment cos i intend to keep the plan i selected now till the economy or the phone dies whichever comes first. i have paypal so that might be an option to return my money. may i PLEASE get my $4.50 back after my $50 payment next 6th of April? it will just be sitting there forever if you don't. i need it to save away for my trip. we're dying to meet and i need EVERY DOLLAR i can round up. i will appreciate your cooperation in this matter. thank you and have a great day!


Re: acct balance problem

We really want to help you with this issue, walkingwolf! Can you please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN? 


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