Will I be charged twice?


Will I be charged twice?



So my bill is due in 4 days and I figured I'd pay it early to get it out of the way. I noticed that I was enrolled in Auto boost and it said my payment ill be reserved for next month. Before I made any payments, I canceled the auto boost (and saved my changes) and continued to make my payment that was to be made for 9/24. It took the money off of my card but then I get a notice saying the payment was still being reserved for next month (which is exactly what I did not want) and that I now still have a balance to pay for this month and my email confirmation from the auto boost removal says the same. I would like my payment to be moved to this month. 😞


Thanks for the help!


Good day, @Lady_X Thank you for reaching out to us. We'd like to review the account, would you please send us a private message?


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~ Joy P.