So disappointed with Boost Mobile!


So disappointed with Boost Mobile!

So disappointed with Boost Mobile!

Here is what happened:
This Tuesday, I bought a cell phone from boost mobile. The moment I put the order, I found I made a mistake so I submitted a cancel request immediately, no more than 30 minutes from the order was placed. I tried to call them but they re not in service.



The other day when I wake up I log in and check my inbox and I got a message said:
"It looks like it is either cancelled or just removed of the system. We are not able to cancel the order if is not coming up in the system. Can you please verify with your bank?"


And to make sure my order is canceled I replied:
In my PayPal account the money still paid from my account but not charged from my bank account because I don't have enough money in my checking account, and the order status shows order is processing. Do I need to transfer money to my account to finish paying or I can just leave it there.

And I got the answer:
If there are no funds on your checking account PayPal won't be able to withdraw and complete processing the transaction. Though because of this was that the order got canceled.



And today when I checked again I found the money already charged to my bank account and the phone is shipped. So I submitted another question ask what's going on.
Then I got reply:
Hey there! Thanks for contacting us. We were able to review the order using the order key provided. According to our system, this order has shipped and it is supposed to arrive on the 15th. However, if the cancel request was submitted in time, the system should send a RTS (Return To Shipper) before it arrives at your location. Just to confirm, could you please let us know the case ID of your cancel request?




However, after I replied my order number and tracking number, I got a reply:
Unfortunately, the order cannot be canceled, the device will ship, and you will have to return the device. You can find our return policy here!/about/legal/return-policy/.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, you'll have to return the device. If you have any other question or concern, feel free to reply.

And I reply but no one response anymore.




I am so angry and disappointed with boost mobile for the following reason:

1) No simple way to cancel an order. Should put something like Amazon, cancel with a button
2) Agent in the community are unprofessional and give no solid answers.
3) Just say sorry instead of doing anything to help me.
4) Last but not least, it is not my fault, I submitted the request on time, but they punish me for that. The way they work has a lot of problems.


Re: So disappointed with Boost Mobile!

Hi there! We are so sorry that happened. We cannot assure an order can be cancelled. However, we understand your frustration & are truly sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to return it, you can reject the package or contact us after you receive it.