Resolving or cancelling online orders


Resolving or cancelling online orders

I am making this post for other Boost Mobile users to be aware of. If you come across an online order mistake on Boost Mobile's behalf and you noticed it after 4 hours be prepared. I made a order for a single cell phone I even got the receipt which I screenshot. Later in the day I received a verification email when I checked the email Boost Mobile had charged me for two phones keep in mind even my receipt shows one so it is evident that this was a mistake on their behalf. Once I called Boost Mobile customer service which was a bad experience by the way the end result was either I received both phones and went through the house of myself of paying for shipping and returning one to get a refund. Or to cancel the whole order and wait 7 days for my refund. Due to my personal lifestyle it was better for me to cancel the order but with that happening now I no longer have a phone on the way. I had to log back into Boost Mobile in order the same phone again. My only problem with this is now I am at a $700 loss. I had to cancel the order so they kept a certain amount and I had to reorder which I had to pay a certain amount. Unfortunately Boost Mobile does not feel like a situation like this needs to be handled in a different way. I have been with Boost for many years and never had this problem so I asked them if at the bare minimum if they had a inconvenience discount and the response was no. This is very unfortunate I really feel like if Boost was really concerned or cared for their users that they would at the least do that. I was able to go ahead and take the $700 loss for now but it doesn't mean that it's in convenience for my life. I could have gotten very upset and just left Boost Mobile after being a very faithful and loyal customer but I didn't. So if a boost representative ever reads this post please consider if they ordering process goes wrong on your behalf that requires the user to either have to receive the merchandise and send it back or cancel the order have their money held for 7 Days plus make another purchase the least that can be done is a discount or to find a better way to reimburse money. This situation was out of my control and was not my fault yet it still feels that way this is not good service

Re: Resolving or cancelling online orders

Hello Shym84. We are terribly sorry for the situation you experienced. Thank you for the feedback. We understand that some procedures could be handled differently for improvement, we'll make sure to pass your feedback along. It is definitely much appreciated. ~AmyM25