Refund from online purchase


Refund from online purchase

I returned a phone that I confirmed they received march 30th.
I called to see what was taking so long for my refund (customer service is a joke, literally a science of numbers to press to actually talk to a human). Anyhow I was told it took 7-14 business days to get my refund, which is a bit ridiculous. On the 14th business day still no refund, so I used my scientific skills to get ahold of a human to share my complaint. After being transfered a few times I get to my final destination to be told that they didnt have a ticket in to give me a refund but now that I called they did. Wait, what? I have to call you to put a ticket in for a refund??? This is not right. Ok, so the last time I called confirming you received the phone, didnt count? No mam. They did not make a ticket like they should of. This is crazy. Why are people having to harass a very well know company for refunds? Not ok. Its also not ok that you have such a difficult time reaching a human to talk to. It is also frustrating that on several occasions there is a very difficult language barrier. Sometimes near impossible to understand. Anyhow, he gives me another number to write down for something and assures me by the end of the day my money should be back in my account. It is now the next day, still no money. I dread calling to spend another 45 min. on the phone. This has me looking at different phone carriers.  I thought I would search and see just how many people have had to deal with this, seems Boost needs to get some things figured out.


Re: Refund from online purchase

Hey there, @Hahnbn! That sounds really frustrating, we deeply about that. So we can look further into it, please shoot us a quick private message with the last case number that was provided to you. Thanks