Plan change not applying previous credit


Plan change not applying previous credit

On Friday, two days ago, I was on the $3 daily plan. I switched to the $35 plan, which took effect yesterday, one day ago.

Then I thought about it and decided I would rather have the $50 plan, but when I tried to switch again, Boost wants me to pay $50 and is ignoring the fact that I just paid $35 the day before.

So today I thought it was because I tried to make the change online. So I called thinking I might get to speak to someone, but as usual Boost just had me locked into the automated system.

So I added a $15 credit to my account, then tried again to change to the $50 plan, and again Boost is trying to make me pay $50.

Can anyone help?

Re: Plan change not applying previous credit

Hi, healyourself! Thanks for reaching out to us. We’d love to explain this further. To switch plans effective the same day, the system will require the full amount for the new plan. Unfortunately, any payment made previously will not be recognized as it was used to cover a different price plan. 


In this case, we suggest you to submit the plan change effective on the next due date, however, you'll be using the current plan in the meantime. If you have any other question, just let us know. We remain at your service.