I want to cancel plan


I want to cancel plan

I have been a boost customer for a while my whole family used boost. I want a refund on my account and to  cancel my plan, I recently bought a phone that was unlocked from china, nice features, big screen but it is from an unknown provider, since it was unlocked and I compared my LG tribute to the new phone specs there was no reason it shouldn't work, the phone has the right GSM wave lengths, and the sim card I was using recognized it has sprint but I cannot call out. I get a network busy issue. The phone is a phicomm c632


Re: I want to cancel plan

Really sorry to hear that, thedigi321. Your account will cancel automatically in 120 days when you do not use the phone or add funds. Once purchased is applied to an account, money is not refundable, transferable or exchangeable and has no surrender value. Upon cancellation, any account balance, service, and phone number will be removed and will not be recoverable.