I cannot buy a phone on the website - credit card declined by BOOST


I cannot buy a phone on the website - credit card declined by BOOST

This is the 2nd time this has happened.  It happened 2 years ago and I was finally able to get a human on the phone that could process the payment.  I wish I could reach her now.

I am trying to buy a phone online to use a discount code that BOOST is sending to my email address.  I have been a Boost customer for years and have bought several phones.  When I confirm the purchase it will charge my credit card and then reverse the sale and say the card declined.  I have used 3 different cards.  I have used 3 different browsers.  I have cleared my cache and even changed to a different computer.  My address and name match perfectly from the card to my Boost account to this Boost purchase attempt.  I have called 2 of the banks and both have said that the purchase is not being declined by them it is being declined by BOOST!  

So then I call at least 4 different 800 numbers trying to reach a person at Boost and I keep getting stuck in the automated system listening to recordings but not getting to talk to a person.  If I finally do get a person they either transfer me back to the automated system or they tell me that the problem must be on my end.  I was even told by one person that I actually reached that Boost had no record of sending me an email with a discount code.  I have received FOUR emails since October 1 with discount codes and I have made multiple attempts to utilize them but you will not take my order!  I just want to buy a phone.

This is beyond frustrating.  What makes it worse is that you obviously know this is an issue.  Read the others in the community that have the same problem.  And they are being told the same scripted answers - it's your browser, it's your address, it's the name on your credit card not matching, it's your bank --- NO it is BOOST.  Why won't you just add the cost to my account and let me pay it there?  You've been receiving my monthly payments for years that way.  


Hello, @lrb107. Thank you for stopping by. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us a private message to further assist you. We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M.