How do I apply for BoostUP?


How do I apply for BoostUP?

How can I receive BoostUp? All the requirements that is stated on what you need, I have/did/got but still.NOTHING. Why is this? I know ppl whom haven't had their accounts longer than a year and was offered BoostUp
Why can't loyal customers receive this?

Re: How do I apply for BoostUP?

Hey there, DejaJameson! Sorry for the late reply! To check if your account is eligible for BoostUp!, please send me a private message including:


- Your Boost phone number.


- Your account's 4-digit PIN.


To send us a private message, just click on the agent's username (Hozuki_Robert in this case), and then look for the option that says "Send this user a private message".


I'll be glad to help you!