Double paid for October / more


Double paid for October / more

So I’ve had my account with Boost for years. On 10/22 I updated my debit card info to make my monthly payment because my previous card on file was lost. So $45 was charged. At this time i looked into the Boost Up phones on the website but was unable to find the option to order a new phone.

On 10/23 I decided to go into a Boost store to get a new phone because my old iPhone was really slow. Originally I was going to pay cash for the new iPhone SE but the rep talked me into doing Boost Up for only $20/month more.

When she looked at my account she said I was under an old plan on old towers and that’s why I couldnt do boost up without updating it first. So she said j could change my plan to $35/month on the new T-Mobile towers then $20/month for the phone so I agreed to that.

The rep went ahead and charged me for the $35 new plan amount even though I literally paid my bill for October the previous day. I didn’t know this when I was there, I was trying to just sign and get my new phone and leave asap because I had places to be.

Not only did I have to pay $45 and then $35, but I was also charged $25 for a Bluetooth speaker that I didn’t realize was even in the bag she gave me with the phones box and my paperwork until I looked in it tonight. On top of that, she added the $7 phone insurance to my account without even asking me. AND since my new phone/plan, I have had worse signal and am showing Roaming in my home where I previously had LTE all the time.


Hey there @Bg864 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we'd like to assist you. Would you please send us a private message, so we can assist you with your account?


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~ Joy P.