Data usage history & charges


Data usage history & charges



When reviewing my account history:

I have the options: financial, talk, and text.

I see that my balance has been reduced by much more than the listed phone call and text charges. I called support, who told me that the missing funds were due to data usage. My plan does not have data. I was migrated over from Virgin Mobile. I had the plan which required me to add money to my account every 90 days. It is 10 cents per minute, and 15 cents per text.


I also have the mobile data setting on my phone turned OFF,  only use the phone for infrequent texts and phone calls, and keep it off most of the time. I kept telling the support agent this, but she did not listen and kept stating that I was using data. How is it that I lost over $90, but there are no charges listed pertaining to this? I need to know the dates, data usage, and charges. I can tell you that my balance was reduced by an extra

$3.00 between 4/23/2020 and 5/10/2020

$1.50 between 5/17/2020 and 5/20/2020

$1.50 between 5/20/2020 and 5/26/2020

$1.50 between 5/26/2020 and 6/01/2020

$1.50 between 6/03/2020 and 6/05/2020

$1.50 on 6/10/2020

$4.00 between 6/11/2020 and 6/22/2020

$73.50 between 6/23/2020 and 6/29/2020

And much more.

Without an itemized list of charges, how can I accept that this is legitimate? Especially, given that mobile data is set to "off" on my phone.


P.S. Soon after I was migrated, I tried swapping my Virign Mobile Kyocera K10 Royale for a Boost Kyocera Hydro. The page here:

recognized the Kyocera Hydro, but apparently does not cross reference with this page:

as it recognized the phone, and let me swap, but the device is no longer supported, leaving me without a working phone. I could not switch back to my old Virgin Mobile device, and was forced to switch to another phone.

I am very dissatisfied. If I could switch back to my old Virigin Mobile Kyocera K10 Royale phone in order to avoid these mysterious data charges, I would be fine with that.


We are terribly sorry about this situation, distr4ught. Please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN number.