Customer Service and Zero Resolution


Customer Service and Zero Resolution

I have never had coverage issues with Boost so I decided to look on the website at the phone selection. I liked that I could buy a certified refurbished phone at a decent price. What I don't like is the fact that when I received the phone it didn't work. At all. I did everything; force start, tried to plug it in on my computer for itunes, left it to charge, even called apple care and did troubleshooting with a tech. The opinion I was given was that there was a software issue. So I called up the customer service number and that's when my customer service nightmare began.

First, no one at your company is on the same page. Ever. I have talked to multiple different people and most of them gave me a different answer. No one seemed to care in the slightest about my issue and just spouted off whatever nonsense seemed to be best to them. I was transferred to wrong third parties several times, told that I have several different kinds of warranties or insurance, told that everyone previously was completely wrong, and also told I need to activate a phone I can't even use for more than 24 hours to even be able to put in a claim.

Second, most of the time my requests to speak to a supervisor were delayed or denied all together. I requested to speak with a supervisor only because I had been told over and over that the situation would have to be "escalated" to a supervisor and I would need to wait and call back. So I wanted to jumpstart that process but representatives seem to be trained to avoid that as much as possible. 

Third, I don't know why but your phone coverage seems to be terrible. My calls were dropped numerous times. I was mysteriously transferred to a department that wasn't even Boost while on hold multiple, multiple times. That caused me to have to call back and start this painstaking process all. over.. again. It's unacceptable.

No one seems to want to help me. The last solution I was given was activate my phone. Activate a phone that doesn't work. How? Why? I didn't get the answer to those questions because your supervisor Jordan would only answer "it's company policy" and "that's the way it is". Sometimes he was even interrupting me to say it. He was extremely rude.

The only time I got a call was because I gave the lowest scores possible on a survey. I still haven't heard back about what they're going to do to help me. This is pretty fraudulent behavior. I gave you $250 and change to receive a broken phone. and when I try to get it fixed I'm met with serious opposition. Basically, I'm out that money because your company could not care less. You made your sale and got your money and that's a wrap for you. 


Hello, @H_S!


Your feedback does not sound cool. This must be a frustrating experience of which we really want to take a closer look at. So we can look further into it, please click on my username to find the option to send a private message, then send us your number and account PIN as soon as possible.