Contacting Customer Support (without the regular phone system)


Contacting Customer Support (without the regular phone system)

This is related to the other post I made here (regarding issues with unlocking my phone for international use). I think this is something that could be easily resolved by contacting customer support by phone. I've tried email, and despite the 12-hour reply guarantee, it's been several days since they last responded to me. So I think I just need to speak to a human being over the phone, since emails can be ignored.

The problem is, I can't use the "BOOST-4-U" number. I'm in China, so I have to use Skype. And for some reason, the automated system on Boost's end doesn't recognize dialpad entries from Skype. (In fairness, that seems to be an on-going problem of many automated systems. Skype doesn't play well with them.) When I reach it, it doesn't matter what I do - the phone system acts like I haven't made any entries, and just drops the call eventually. So one of the things I asked for in my emails was an alternative phone number, one that could reach a human operator, by-passing the automated system. I explained why I needed this, because of Skype's difficulties. No response. I'd be happy to call a regular phone line, even if it wasn't an 800/888 type line. You'd think, for a phone company, that it wouldn't be a problem to supply a simple phone number for me to call, but there you go.

So, does anyone here know if there is some alternative means of reaching Boost? Are there any other phone numbers out there that don't involve that automated system?