Boost Mobile keeps declining my payment


Boost Mobile keeps declining my payment

The last time I tried was a day before yesterday, and I called boost mobile for some help, and she didn't tell me the reason of the problem, but just told me to wait for 48 hours. And a day after my last try, I called again for the reason of the happening, and it didn't  give an option for "question for product" as I had when I called the first time. So, I tried so many times over 2 days and I still couldn't ask them because it's giving me the options such as charge more data. And just now, I tried again which was 48 hours since the last try. It didnt't work. It said exactly the same thing as before. I wasted my time. By the way, I tried all the things you guys told everyone else to do. I need to hurry up and buy a phone. Now, what should I do? it says "An error occurred, please try again later. Your purchase attempt has been declined. Try a different payment method to complete your purchase. Contact your bank for more information associated with the decline."



Re: Boost Mobile keeps declining my payment

Sorry to hear that, Stella. In that case, we recommend you to visit a Boost Mobile store to purchase the device. Please visit!/store/ to find the nearest Boost Mobile store.