System Update 4/30/2019

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Re: System Update 4/30/2019

Apparently you only read and answer the latest post on a thread. If you'd looked back you'd understand my post better.  I must tell you, this thread is making it less likely that I'll continue to use Boost in the future. At least act like you care, even if you don't.


Re: System Update 4/30/2019

Please send us a private message with the store address so we can escalate this. @GeneInLa.


Re: System Update 4/30/2019

You keep referring both GeneinLa and me to the store locator. If someone is actually reading this thread, it seems that way, please tell us how to find a store that will accept this promotion. Do not keep referring the locator,. that is worthless in this issue. Find the right people , to make this offer work online (what isbthe big deal? Allow the promotion code you sent us to work at the store and all are happy. Unless BOOST does not care. I have 9 lines on different accounts and i am feeling like maybe BOOST is not a good as I have felt before.