Rude & Dishonest CSR


Rude & Dishonest CSR

Boost has closed all stores but one, it is very inconvient to get to and to make things worse all the reps that I have talked to are rude and dishonest. I spoke with one about having 2 people added on my plan and wanted to know if they would be eligible for the free Samsung J7 since they were New Customers no prior carrier. I was told Yes they would be, at time of adding them I was informed that promotion was only for customers who were switching from another carrier, no where did it state this, not online or in the store, nor did the rep point that out a few days before, I later spoke to another rep about the Boost up program, she pulled up my account entered the information them demanded I pay a $25 activation fee in cash only, but I could pay the $7 insurance & $1 down with my card but the activation fee had to be in cash only!! I called later and spoke with a different rep found out the whole transaction could be cash or card. I requested to have the 4 lines @ $100 was told No it could be done was charge over $200 for the 4 lines, decided to do the boost up online instead since there would be NO ACTIVATION fee, supposedly everything was good, called to order new phone and was rejected saying SPRINT was stopping it, I have never had anything with Sprint. I was told about SMART PAY, well I won't go back into the store so I am thinking that is not an option. Called to discuss why one of the people on my family plan didn't have service not even roaming, the rep want an address I explained she works for the government and for security reasons there is no physical address, the rep went into how they would protect my information he never heard one thing I said. After repeating myself multiple times he said due to the fact I wouldn't give him the address he couldn't help me. I am truly frustrated with the treatment I have received and unfortunatly am looking into a new carrier and will not recommend Boost to anyone. If anyone has some information on who I can contact within the company regarding the employees that are representing Boost would be appreciated as I am not the only one that has had issues with them and are looking into leaving Boost. I have been satisfied with the service until the last few months and I think someone should be aware of it and not let the employees treat customers so wrong. I had chose Boost because it fit into my budget as did the other I know that have them , then to be charged twice as much as it should have been is outrageous and disappointing. I'm sorry to see the company going down a bad path in this town.

Re: Rude & Dishonest CSR

Hey there @Nevgal. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you're experiencing. We'll do our best to resolve this in a timely manner. Would you please be so kind to send us a Private Message with your Phone Number and PIN, so we can further assist you?


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