Pixel 2 Support


Pixel 2 Support

I just recently swapped over to Boost after being part of my family's Verizon plan. I had to give up my Pixel 2 XL because Boost supposedly doesn't support the phone.

Tonight, just to try, I swapped the Boost SIM card into the Pixel to see what would happen. The SIM card is supposedly locked when plugged into the Pixel.

Google Support stated that their phones are guaranteed unlocked to be accessible by any provider. Verizon also made this claim.

Does this mean I just need to request that Boost unlocks my SIM card so it's accessible to the Pixel? Or is there more to this story that prevents Boost from being able to use Google phones? I keep getting mixed signals from the forums, due to everyone saying that the Pixel 3 will be supported.

I just really miss using my Pixel Cat Sad


Re: Pixel 2 Support

Hi there jjstaggs. You can use the device with us most likely. Please check our IMEI checker following this link; https://activate.boostmobile.com/bring-your-phone?intnav=TopNav:Phones:BringYourPhone Also, you will need a compatible SIM. If you have any issues there, send me a private message by clicking on my name and select send Private Message. Include your phone, pin number and the IME/DEC of the Pixel.