More quality phone choices soon?

More quality phone choices soon?

I was maybe thinking of making the plunge to Boost Mobile but I've noticed that your phone choices are slim pickings. You either have old phones that need to be retired and replaced by better models (Alot of the LGs minus the Stylo 4 come to mind) the worst variants of phones (Any Moto "Play" series are neutered versions of their way superior counterparts especially the G Plays) or are over priced (Samsung is retiring the J series so the J7 Refine shouldn't be as expensive as it is)

If you look at other prepaid carriers you see that they have far more phone choices and keep up to date with phones and prices.

Basically, will there be way more phone choices very soon or will I have to go elsewhere. You have amazing plans, just not amazing choices for phones.

Re: More quality phone choices soon?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We definitely value your feedback. Though there is no word yet. Stay tuned!