Coolpad legacy major problems


Coolpad legacy major problems

1) system UI freezes
2) won't save new or edited contacts.
3) call log won't updated or disappears completely.
4) no contacts when accessing through phone
5) camera can't take video with out phone freezing.

Absolutely unequivocally the most egregious experience.
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I believe that it is up to date but ill check in the morning thank you!

I have only had my new Coolpad Legacy for less than a week and this has been the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!  I am unable to connect to my home wifi.  I took the phone back to my local boost store and since the phone connected to their in store wifi, there was nothing they could do.  After researching, I emailed the coolpad company and she did respond and there was a phone number to call.  I did call and was told to call Spectrum, my internet provider, and tell them to open a port to allow wifi access.  Well I did call my internet provider and she had not idea what I was talking about.  Well I called back to Cool pad and OMG, the Asian representative was sooo rude.  She told me what to do, which required me rebooting my phone.  I told her I only had one phone to use and could I call back should it not work.  She told me NO and what she said should work.  Well needless to say her trouble shooting did not work at all.  As a matter of fact, it messed up my phone and I had to do a factory reset.  Unfortunately, I am STUCK with this phone and cannot connect to wifi in my home, which will cause me to use more data.  I have been back and forth to my local Boost store, my internet provider and the Cool pad legacy representatives and everybody is placing the blame on everyone else.  Everything in my home connects to wifi EXCEPT MY PHONE.  Too many negative reviews on these phones with everyone having the same problem.  WORST PHONE IN THE WORLD, PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE PHONES


Yea *** coolpad legacy i threw that piece of *** in the garbage got the galaxy a20 couldnt be happier even with software updates the coolpad is nowhere near as good as the galaxy


Boost Mobile just pushed out another software update for this phone today.  Folks who are having problems might try installing it from the "System updates" settings menu.


Obviously, they rushed this phone out the door before it was fully tested and ready, and their reputation is going to suffer for it.  But they finally seem to be fixing the problems.  Just one data point, but my Coolpad Legacy is working well now, after six months of having to reboot it every day or two.  


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