Coolpad legacy major problems


Coolpad legacy major problems

1) system UI freezes
2) won't save new or edited contacts.
3) call log won't updated or disappears completely.
4) no contacts when accessing through phone
5) camera can't take video with out phone freezing.

Absolutely unequivocally the most egregious experience.
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Hi there Camd42788. We would need to look further into this. Please send us a private message so we could best assist you. Victor21


This phone. Is the absolute worst phone o have ever had. No wonder it was on sale for $100.... I really hate it apps freak say they don't work. Gave to constantly restart the phone. It's slow. As soon as I can I'm leaving boost for good over this.

I had high hopes for this phone.  Its specifications and features are just what I was looking for, and at an affordable price.


But after several months of owning it, I'm very frustrated with it.  After 1-2 days without rebooting, it slows down noticeably, and soon becomes unusable until I reboot it.    I could probably avoid the problem by just rebooting it every morning, but that shouldn't be necessary.


There were rumors that a fix was on the way, but there has been none.  Is Boost Mobile going to do what's right, and offer to replace these defective phones with something that works reliably?


As a Boost cust for 6-7yrs, I definitely agree! And the fact that they can get away with this pisses me off!

Exactly! Like if we hadn't did a factory reset already, would we even be having this conversation smh. Instead of offering a real solution they giving out generic answers like we slow and don't know how to work a phone.

Ok. so I have trolled forums and the Web about all of this trouble with this Cool pad Legacy Phone. I have some things to say. It is AN EXCELLENT phone for the price, huge value for the buck.  Every phone ..even your $1k Galaxy S10 or iPhone 10 has some bugs, maybe not for as long or as major. You did not buy this phone because it was the best, you bought it because it was Awesome for the price...  As did I.   

Ok as far as the TXT messages issue, I switched my Default to the Messenger (Facebook) app instead of the Phones Messages service and it Pretty much fixed that issue.   

Now the BIG ISSUE!   Not being able to Create new Contacts or add Info to contacts and such... That is a huge PITA. However, I am pretty sure It's a Software Issue and not a major failure of the Phone hardware, I am also pretty convinced It's because of Chinese spyware trying to collect contacts and Metadata, but I digress.   

For new contacts, Try to go to where you back up your contacts and use that service, such as: If you back-up to your Google account, go there and try to create a new contact through the Gmail or such. The same can be done with Windows-based contacts, Through Hotmail or windows Contacts, or any of the several ways.  I have had about 70% Success with doing so and making contacts, however There are some Contacts that just won't save for anything, and I found that 2-3 of those are probably related to how they have Privacy settings, and or encryption on their phones, or maybe there accounts with the services used to create the contact.

Anyway, I am sure that people are trying to figure out why it is broken and eventually fix it.


Now another Issue:   Being able to install and Formatt an SD card as Internal Storage?   I have yet to get this to work and have trashed 4 Sd cards trying. This is supposed to be an Option with this phones Hardware and The Android 9 os, But for me, it has Always taken hours and never completed and then the SD cards are trashed after an attempt or 2. Has Anyone had this function work for them?   

Installing as Removable has worked fine, but as internal which is more useful, has not. 


2nd day after I bought Coolpad had to reset_ Boostmobile mislead me all the way_ I've always ask for supervisor but only get transferred to survey or hungup on_Now my insurance is no good,I was denied claim,now I'm talking to someone in Valenzuela that is a representative,smh

Hi there kingwiz. Thank you for contacting us. We definitely would like to look further into this. Please send us a private message with the details. Victor21


I must have got one of the good ones?


I put the phone on charge, updated it on WiFi, installed an SD card, activate..


did you install the SD as internal or removable storage? I have yet to get it to make internal and tried 5 sd cards.