Coolpad Legacy will not charge


Coolpad Legacy will not charge

I received my new Coolpad Legacy two weeks ago and after charging and activation was pleasantly surprised that the charge lasted me near two weeks, However, last night with battery down to 18%, I tried to hook up the charger. The connector will not insert into the phone completely and I believe part of the connector may have broken off inside the phone when I removed the charging cord on first use. I am not sure this is the problem but seems to me to be most likely. How can I fix this?


I looked at my records to determine the timeline. This is what I see;

July 16, 2019: Ordered phone from Boost Mobile

July 17, 2019: Phone shipped from Boost warehouse (Good job warehouse people)

July 19, 2019: Phone delivered (Good job Fed Ex!)

July 21, 2019 Activated and charged phone

 Happy Hairy until...

July 31, 2019: I attempted to recharge the phone.

August 1, 2019: I started this thread.

Your return policy is only seven days? It doesn't even last as long as the charge on the battery.

My fault for presuming Boost Mobile to be an honest company.

I have cancelled my reboost and will hope that this is enough to keep you from defrauding me any more money.

If Coolpad makes good on the phone I will reopen my account reluctantly but I fear I can never recommend your service to anyone else.


We can understand your reasoning, but unfortunately the return policy starts the day the order is placed. More information here:


Thanks jalopez81 for the clarification. I see that it's my fault for not reading and understanding that Boost clearly states that they will take no responsibility for defective devices. i don't blame you or any of the other agents for that. Be sure that I will be researching to see if all cell companies have this attitude.

 On the up side; I cancelled my reboost and then started a live chat with ReubenJay to see if that was enough to avoid incurring any more charges from Boost until I get my phone issue resolved. He informed me that was enough but "wait...What is the issue with your phone" he typed. Long story shorter, he gave me a contact number for someone in Boost that may be able to help with the phone problem but best thing is that he activated my old Boost phone to my new number and I can now make use of the service I paid for.

 I'll keep you posted as to whether Coolpad helps me or not.


Here is an update with some good news,

 Coolpad refused to warranty the phone. Damage to the charge port voids the warranty automatically whether due to negligence or defective parts. Boo Coolpad 😞  I guess we now know the quality of that company.

  So what does a poor consumer do when all else fails? Google, that's what!

 It seems my problem is not specific to Coolpad and frequent enough to have many videos on how to fix it on You tube.

The problem as it turns out was not a broken connector as I supposed. The connector was merely blocked by impacted pocket lint. Five minutes to watch a video and five minutes to clean out the port. The charge cord then inserted all the way and began charging..

 Happy Hairy once again!

I have just ordered a protective case, longer, better charge cords and dust covers for the charge port and headset port.

 It sure does seem like that as common as this problem seems to be that someone could have suggested it to me. Maybe it was one of those things that just seemed too obvious to mention like "Is it plugged in?" sort of thing. Anyway I'm done, device works.

 Good luck to anyone else having a problem like mine.