Coolpad Legacy FIX


Coolpad Legacy FIX

Use a high quality SD card!

Okay folks just for grits and giggles this weekend I tried an old slow SD card. My current one is a SanDisk class four and with speed tests I'm getting 171/82 Mbps read write speeds.

I found a very old 8 gb Kingston class 1 with speeds of 40/19 Mbps

I put it in and formatted for internal then moved couple games and opera browser to it. I got the same message on it I get on my SanDisk (card is slow may.... Yada yada yada)

Rebooted and OMG phone was sluggish in every aspect, apps slow in response, some gave me app has stopped. One game never started and the other took forever. Opera was just a headache slow and some web page never loaded correctly.

The system UI was just as if in molasses.

Put original card back in and everything runs perfect.

I just ordered a class 10 HC just for this phone. Will update this once installed.

Maybe all the complaints on freezing, slow and unresponsive are solely on the type of SD card being used?

There was a post I saw where a Coolpad rep told a user to install a high quality SD card.

Re: Coolpad Legacy FIX

Hey there slinger of arrows! I've had my CP Legacy for almost a year now. My SD card is a....we'll say "middle of the road." My phone is lightning fast! I've learned a lot about trouble shooting, just from owning this phone. Simplest term's, if you store app on your SD, your OS is not only making a path through itself, now it traveling out of the phone, into your card, out of the card, and back through its own path. Sounds like a mouthful! Lol. Just saying.