Activation Error


Activation Error

Hey there! I had bought a new SIM card for my phone as I couldn't just use the same one I had in my old phone, transfer Galaxy S8 to my new S10. I was given a temporary SIM from my local Boost store, but my connection was disconnected 24/7, which prompted me to buy the BYOP SIM kit in the first place. I tried activating with my new SIM on the website and it gave me this error.


"db_no_data_found_exception-Client.701:089150030405541960 is not found in NMS

Data not found"




So sorry about the trouble! Can you please send us a private message with the details, so we can work through this? 


I tried to activate my new iPhone but the ICCID I manually typed in didn't work so I just used what it auto generated for me (even though it didn't match my phone, it's what your website gave me based off the IMEI and that's the only thing that worked.) Now I don't have a cellular plan and cant reactivate my phone... Please help.