Let's Get Saucey

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Let's Get Saucey

This great debate has plagued our nation for years...ranch or blue cheese? I'm here to tell you the right answer: RANCH. End of discussion. But let me just hit you with some knowledge:

Ranch was the center of a Saturday Night Live skit.


Ranch brings "exotic" flavors to any dish.


 Ranch goes great with wings.


 And breakfast.

And basically everything.


There is a restaurant dedicated to it.

Last but not least, it can be served from a fountain. I repeat: FROM. A. FOUNTAIN.


 Need I say more? I think not. Let me know your favorite way to get sauced in the comments below! (I'll even hear the blue cheese lovers out...)


When it comes to Sauces, Ranch is King!
Yet, what about Ranch's Cousin's Brother's Friend's Neigbor ? Mr. Blue Cheese

It is believed that Blue Cheese was discovered by accident, but other believe that someone really just had a thing for bacteria.BC2.jpgIt looks tasty until you realize, that's not spinich, that's mold, speciefially grown for consumption for reasons that are still mostly unconceivable.

2 Chainz and Migos love it so much, they wrote a song about itBC.jpg

Some People are known to consume Blue Cheese Dressing , while others believe that Blue Cheese never made it to Prom because of the wrong dress.  

no global conflicts have been started due to Blue Cheese, but if you are allergic to penicillin, you may be allergic to Blue Cheese (lucky  you!)

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