iphone SE ridiculously slow/no data


iphone SE ridiculously slow/no data

Got boost last month and it’s been great besides the fact that I have no data when I leave the house. I can send/receive texts, and have data in /some/ spots. I’ll get random notifications for data-only apps (having then data-only is an intentional selection on my part n not part of my issue) but I can never actually view the notification in app. The connection is ALWAYS too slow or simply not there when I try to view it. 



Phone: iPhone SE purchased directly from Boost and activated immediately (restored from my old iPhone)

Number: Kept same number (from ATT)

Length of time problem has been present: Approx. 1 month

Zip code: 96744

Plan: Unlimited talk/text/data family plan


I honestly just need this solved so I can use a maps app and messaging apps when I’m out. I’m too disordered to leave the house without getting lost.


Hi, AWRB. Please send us a private message with the account phone number and pin code.