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hotspot isn’t working

All of a sudden my hotspot stop working, I haven't received a message saying that my hotspot ran out, I recently just paid my bill a day ago and I changed to the $60 Unlimited Plus Plan with the 20gb and my hotspot just stopped functioning. I don’t understand why it says it’s “ unlimited” when it’s not.

Yeah, ever since our family went to Boost in February 2020, we've had nothing but trouble connecting to our data plans. We have unlimited with 30Gb each and we can't stay connected. They meter you down just as soon as you start doing any serious streaming on your regular "unlimited" data.

They are crooks and they know it. The sales rep. lied to us on the plan that was initially advertised and got us on a lesser plan for more and "threw in" the extra 10 (need I say, unavailable) GB as "an extra incentive".

When I asked about the metering, she lied and said that they don't do that, that we could all 3 stream music and movies constantly without noticing any lag.

Then as I researched more while in the store, I showed her where they showed in fine print next to and asterisk about metering down to 2G after so many Gigs of usage on plan. She then started back peddling and said that we shouldn't have any problem.

Also, when setting up our phones, (which I told her that I would do personally and because of time restraints) she stuck the wrong glass protectors on both phones of my wife and I, though the correct one on our daughter's phone, like this was my first rodeo. Ours each has 1/4" to 3/8" on either side of screen left uncovered.
She was very unprofessional and argumentative.

On top of that, at the last minute, and well AFTER I paid her, she comes back on and "supposedly" had called her boss on an issue, and tells me that we have to pay extra.

Had I not had a broken screen on my other phone, and needed a new one, I wouldn't have even continued.

We pay our plan ON TIME, EVERY TIME, and even after our due date rolls by and even every day after, we have issues.

Our phones only updated ONCE since purchase for a security update. When I called to complain about the network coverage and connectivity, the "outsourced agent" mentioned checking if my phone needed to be updated, to which I replied, that I check our phones regularly AND they are set to auto update on software, firmware, and apps, though they constantly claim, "latest updates have been installed".

Then he comes back and says each one needs to be updated for network updates, to which we perform. All 3 seemed better for the next 15 minutes to half-hour or so AFTER hanging up with him, each displaying 5 bars regularly, and 4 occasionally.
After that, all 3 went back to 1-2 bars regularly and 3 occasionally. Usually only shows 5 bars ONLY just before/after network resets, phone resets, and or powering off, or unless connected to some other network Wi-Fi.
We're paying too much for data to be on Wi-Fi.

Sprint's customer service has ALWAYS been top notch in my book, as well, they were the ONLY one's in the beginning to offer "Truly Unlimited Talk, Text, AND Data. However, their service, (especially BOOST) has never been as good as one other I shall not mention, but whose cost is much more.

These guys (Sprint/Boost) are more worried about how much money that they suck out of your pockets at a lower rate, than how to keep customers satisfied and in turn grabbing all of the competition's customers by offering a truly outstanding unlimited network at a truly affordable price, especially in these days and times.
Most everyone I speak with in business and public would rather suffer with lousy pricing and customer service over lousy/poor network/data coverage.

I'm currently after this message going to start seeking other business.

Don't bother asking to "get my name, account, and PIN" so you can "check MY account". I've already played that song and dance. That's just your way of trying to get us silenced against your lousy business practices and poor business ethics.

switched to $60 unlimited and my hotspot stopped working as well. Currently waiting a million years in the chat to get it resolved. 

Had to argue with them yesterday about removing my $5 auto discount each month for being in autopay. Tried to tell me that was only for Virgin customers and now I don't get it anymore... (Virgin switched over MONTHS AGO, and I had been getting it all this time).. they only tried to remove it because I switched plans to unlimited. I told them it was unfair because it's not my fauly Virgin turned to Boost. Why in the world would I have to lose my monthly discount I've gotten for literally 7 years..


I miss Virgin. I had such an easier time with customer service, seriously. I never got the run around with them. With Boost, already several times I've gotten nowhere with them over phone or chat.


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