Terrible data


Terrible data

I just want to start this off by saying I loved and recommended boost to everyone I know.
Now you guys have **bleep** the bed.
I went a month without service. And for god's sake, public wifi is more reliable than boost mobiles service. I 100% regret giving boost mobile any more of my money once I took a break from phone service.
I only came back because I was given a $25 off code. The code was faulty and missing a number and I ended up paying full price for service.
I DEMAND a refund.
I refuse to pay full price for a service I do not receive. In the last 3 months of paid service I have had internet speeds as low as 1.7 and as high as 700kbps. I pay for the unlimited package which offers 4g speeds. I'm not even getting 2g.
I have called boost. Was told to restart my phone, call a ##number# update prl and profile, even factory reset my brand new, bought-from-your-boost-mobile-website Galaxy s8+! Nothing changed. To use my internet service I have to constantly toggle between network settings: automatic vs CDMA/LTE, data on/off, airplane mode on/off, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY just to access my internet at all.
I have posted here in the community multiple times, given my personal information to multiple strangers and received no solution. Just an apology: there's no towers down in your area, blah blah blah.
I have screenshots of my internet speeds and this community is proof that multiple people across the entire US are not getting the service they pay for.
 I constantly read on here customers are being told there's no issues in the area, it must be customer's phone(s), etc. On top of the blatant false advertising of unlimited 4g internet boost mobile offers. Something is going on here and I wont stand for it.


Re: Terrible data

Hey there, @Cheyp. We're sorry to see you feeling this way. This must be a frustrating situation, which makes us feel very sad. So we can look further into this to help you, can you please send us a private message with your number and PIN. Thank you.