Service issues after Irma?


Re: Is anyone else having trouble with boost?

Where I'm at the biggest issue is a big tree almost fell it's cracked all the way through leaning against a fence. My cousin was in the path tree came through her house but other than that we are ok

Re: Hurricane Irma impacted customers: get help here

I could not use my phone to communicate after the storm. I had to use my neighbors verizon phone to call my family. Been with you guys over 9 years, and when I really needed you, you provided no assistance. Im just getting in texts and missed calls from friends and family 24+ hours later!! If my phone has service and the towers are left unscathed, why wasnt my phone working? It is not until my power was restored and my wifi turned back on that my phone returned to normal functions... since when is having internet determine if I can use my phone with full reception?!?
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Florida- Towers down ?

Are towers down in areas in Florida due to the hurricane? Because I cannot send or receive messages or calls
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Re: Florida- Towers down ?

There are outages as a result of the hurricane, yes.  Sprint's network team is working to get them resolved as quickly as possible.  I know it's scary, we ask that you be patient.  We'll get you back online.

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Service Outage

Is there a map of service outage locations in Florida due to Hurricane Irma?


I have text but cannot receive for make phone calls.  


My zip code is 33437


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Re: Hurricane Irma impacted customers: get help here

No service or data!!

Re: My phone isnt working during hurricane Irma

Really sorry to hear about this, Nicyasjr. Can you private message us your phone number so we can investigate further?

Re: Infected by Irma

Hey there, Djohnson80! Sorry for the long tardiness in answering to your post! Do you still need help with this matter?


If that's the case, please send us a private message including your mobile number, PIN code, and your complete home address. The idea is to check the current status for the network's performance at that area.


Looking forward to your reply!


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Re: No service after hurricane Irma in Florida that to be expected right now?

Hello! @ivyxiii. Our technicians are working really hard to get the service back on track as soon as possible. However, you can have more information and updates by visiting the following link:


Re: Florida- Towers down ?

We are aware of the issue & are working as quickly as possible to get it resolved. Thanks for your patience, @nj_! You can send us your address and number via a private message so we can pinpoint your location. Thank you.