Service gone bad after DishNetwork purchase


Service gone bad after DishNetwork purchase

I was going to ask if anyone elses service went bad after Dish bought Boost. But I can see from the posts that lots of peoples service has gone to crap! 


Whats up Boost??


Your support team just follows a script of how to's. Blames my phone, even thought Ive changed phones and platforms. 


I've been with Boost five years. I bought a new S10 and wanted to activate it on the new expanded network. Customer service person said I may not have signal at home. Rolled the dice and I'm glad I did.  My service with the new expanded network, which apparently rides on T-mobile towers, is far better than what it was on the old nationwide network. Also, I've had three service situations requiring customer service within the past three months and all have been handled quickly and correctly. 


As a matter of course the government usually has a period called  "request for comments" open to the public on actions they're thinking of taking or regulation they might enact. You need to get on the appropriate agency's web site to find these. Just one of those things that if you don't know about it no one will tell you.


Change sucks. Sometimes better, sometimes worse .