Poor to non existent service


Poor to non existent service

My service has slowly been going down hill over the last 6 months or so. Ive changed phones but yet still have the same issues.


Data coverage is horrible! I get 1x more than not and randomly it grabs 3G but with VERY SLOW SPEEDS and unreliable connection. 

The issue seems to happen mostly around my work in Highlands Ranch, CO. 80130. 


What is the issue? Im about to change carriers if this isnt resolved soon


Uh oh! That’s not what we like to hear. We’re on it, melder! Please send me a private message with your current address, phone number and PIN number.

Me too! This has gotten to be beyond ridiculous! Unacceptable service!

I fixed the issue! LOL

I went to Verizon prepaid. $40 a month for 5gb, unlimited everything else. Sign up for auto pay and $5 off each month. After 3 months another $5 off each month, then after 9 months another $5 off. So My bill will be $25 in 9 months. $5 less than I paid here for 2GB a month. 


And guess what?? INSTANTLY I had better service! 


Thanks for the heads up. I will look into this considering no one at Boost has been able to give me a straight answer or offer compensation.