Phone stuck on roaming


Phone stuck on roaming

I accidentally hit update profile when trying to check for software updates and now I can't seem to get out of "Digital Roaming".


I have tried restarting my phone, turning airplane mode off and on.  Resetting with ##72786# doesn't seem to work correctly as  there is a Notification from Sprint OMADM stating "Checking device status..." for over 10 minutes. I can still make calls/texts, but there is no data available and MMS is not working.


Any help would be appreciated!


Hi,@nero144 That doesn't sound good at all. Could you please send me a PM with your phone number and PIN code? I would like to check into that for you.


I am having the same issue, any idea on how to fix it?

Hey there, amy2694! We apologize for the inconvenience at this time. To research further, can you send us the cross streets and ZIP code where this occurs?