No service four days. Burnet, Texas. Fifty miles northwest of Austin

No service four days. Burnet, Texas. Fifty miles northwest of Austin

Signal has been garbage if at all for days. Can't send texts, make calls, even to report the outage to boost, or use data. I know it's not my phone because if I drive into Austin I can use data, but phone won't work and texts are iffy

We understand your frustration. Let’s do some investigating. Can you send us a private message so we can look into it?

Is this a private message? Perhaps a link with clear instructions would make this easier...

Follow these steps:
1. Enter to one of the solutions and locate a social care agent.
2. Click on the user name of the Social care agent. You will be taken to their profile.
3. Click the "Send this User a Private Message" located on the right hand side.
4. Type your message in the new window and click Send.


Agreed on both counts. It should be easier to send a private message from the thread. These are not private
(I clicked on the agent's profile and scrolled down to "send private message")
Also, I have the same problem in Louisiana, and I've noticed that sometimes, my 'ping' shows me in Texas (Houston) when I'm VERY CLEARLY NOT..
Very strange

Yeah I did out a different way, but I got it sent already. Hopefully you get something sorted out soon. I need to buy new phones anyway so if it's not fixed soon I'll be spending that money somewhere else to get a different service provider