No network


No network

So, I've been having this issue for a while now. I'm able to access internet at times and sometimes I'm not. I'm able to make and receive calls and text messages and sometimes I'm not. When it's the worst service I'm not even able to chat with a customer service rep or call technical support because I have no service. And it happens about 10 times a day maybe. When I notice that my phone has an X where the signal bar is I take screenshots. When I try to make a call and it says unable to complete this call because I don't have any service I take a screenshot. When I try to login to a certain page or app and it gives me an error message stating that I'm not connected to the internet at this time I take a screenshot. Every time I contact you guys it's the same thing more or less, meaning you guys tell me that it's an upgrade in our area. I don't know how many upgrades to the Tower happen but I don't know why we should have to suffer the consequences to an upgrade. I haven't even been able to use my phone for 70% of this month and my bill is already due again.


Re: No network

Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue, pnkpanther1013! Please send me a private message by clicking on my profile and selecting send this user a private message for further assistance with this issue.