No data coverage at home


No data coverage at home

I am super upset at the customer service I've received with this issue. 

Yesterday morning, my data service at home was pretty bad. (Voice has worked fine during this issue). When I got home yesterday afternoon, my phone shows 3G, not LTE, though the data is unusable. I tried resetting the data, updating the PRL and network services, but nothing worked. I called customer service in the evening. She had me do a ##72786# reset. This wouldn't complete. The data issue remained this morning. I need to point out that my phone has worked flawlessly both yesterday and today as long as I was away from home. I stopped at the Boost Mobile store in Benson, NC, which is about 3 or 4 miles from my home. The sales girl told me that many people had been coming in the last 2 days with the same issue, and even her phone wasn't getting data. She told me that there were 2 towers down in the area. She also said that customer service gave her a 24 hour repair ETA, which was from about 7PM last night. So she said the service should be back up soon. I returned home and had no data. I called customer service tonight to check the status of the repairs. I was told there were no issues and that the tower near my home is working correctly. He wanted to reset my phone, and I declined, because my phone is working everywhere EXCEPT my house and the immediate area around it. I actually walked into the Boost mobile store while on the line with him, and let him speak with the store employee. He told her that there was no issue at my home. So I left and went home, and yep, about 2 miles from the house I again lost data. I'm currently sitting in a McDonalds on my laptop, using their wifi, because I cannot use data at home. I'd also like to point out that I worked for Sprint as a repair technician, and store manager for service and repair locations. I'm very familiar with how to troubleshoot phone issues. I'm frustrated as hell, because I have someone on the phone telling me there isn't an issue with the network and towers, while Boost store personnel and my experience tell me a very different story. I guess my only option is to wait and hope that something fixes itself, or find different service.


Re: No data coverage at home

Sorry to hear that, TreyPeck. Please send us a private message with the account phone number, pin code, and the address where you are experiencing this issue.