LTE hotspot not working only 3G


LTE hotspot not working only 3G

My area code is 617 and zip code is 02134 Allston Massachusetts.

I'm using a iPhone 7 Plus and updated to the newest firmware.  My computer is a Macbook Pro.

LTE hotspot I can't connect any longer. This has been a issue for almost two months now. However I can connect to 3G hotspot and sometimes if I switch from 3G to LTE I can get LTE but I have to connect first with 3G. However sometimes when switching 3G to LTE it does not work.

I do have bootcamp installed on my Macbook and I can't connect anymore with Windows 10. I don't know if its Windows 10 or if a driver changed or something. But right now I can only connect with macOS first with 3G.

If this issue can be fixed I be very thankful as I'm paying for LTE and it a headache to get it to work.

Thank you.