Data not working without wifi

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Data not working without wifi

i have an iPhone 8 I purchased from Virgin Mobile in 2018.  It has worked well up until recently when data stopped working except when I have wifi available and am using the wifi.

I have tried cycling the Airplane mode, reinserting sim card, etc., etc. with no resolution to the issue.

I have been out of the country and have used a foreign sim card temporarily but the problem had started before that event.

Is there some setting I am missing? 

This is extremely frustrating.  I am not happy paying for no data service and I am considering a switch to one of those other carriers, reluctantly.  I used to feel sorry for those people on other cell companies but now I feel like the one with the wrong choice of carrier. 

Please help me solve this issue.  


Hello. Definitely wanna look into that for you. Please send us a private message so we may review your account.

You can send a private message by clicking on an agent's name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.