Coverage getting bad


Coverage getting bad

Chino Valley, AZ - West of highway 89 seems OK but east side drops calls or calls sound "robotic", service inside Safeway (only grocery store in town) is unusable. Service drops or breaks up along highway 89 into Prescott frequently.

Prescott, AZ - Service almost always drops along Deep Well Ranch road and / or breaks up near Embry-Riddle University. Spots along Willow Creek Road drop calls or sound "robotic". Google Duo video freezes (my wife uses while I drive). Service along Williamson Valley Rd is hit & miss. Service on Highway 89A into Prescott Valley is about a disaster, then on Glassford Hill Rd, until you get into Downtown.

We used to have great service all over Chino and Prescott, but it's getting pretty bad. We both have Galaxy J7 Perx, which have been fantastic phones.


Re: Coverage getting bad

Hi there! We're sorry for the bad experience with the service. We haven't receive any reports of outages around those areas. Allow us to investigate this further. Please send a Private Message with the phone numbers and PIN.